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"I strongly recommend Michael McManus for exceptional Psychotherapy support. His kind and professional approach makes it very easy to discuss difficult topics. You will leave every session with key take-aways to help cope with the difficulties of life. I look at my sessions with Michael like a great massage for the brain. I feel better after each and every session."

Dave M.


"Mike helped me when I was in a weird point in my life, trying to put myself back on track. He made a big difference for me and now I'm fully employed, living on my own, etc for the first time in my life. He's very encouraging and supportive but honest. I highly recommend him."

Peter Day


"I remember the walk up the stairs to my first appointment with Mike. He had picked up my call on the first ring and said to meet him at 3:00. With each step I rehearsed what I was going to say to him. How my grief and anger consumed me, how I needed more than a miracle, how I needed a time-turner, a magic wand, a mulligan. Halfway up panic began to suck the air from the stairwell. I sat on the platform, head in hand catching my final breath before the healing began. I know this seems overly dramatic, but when I say that I showed up that day more than broken, it’s the god’s truth. Mike greeted me with a smile that said, you are in a safe place. Within 5 minutes, I knew he was the right therapist for me. And honestly, I would be lying if I told you just how he did it, because I have no idea what it is about my time in his office and on the phone, that slowly did what all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could never do…he put me back together again. I don’t know if it was the way he listened with his whole being, or the gentle reminders of my worth that he ever so stealthily sprinkled in our conversations that formed a splint over my brokenness. Maybe it was the copious amounts of notes he shared with me as “homework”. Looking back at them I noticed that on every page he wrote some reminder that I am worth getting better. Thanks Mike. No matter as to the “how”, the outcome is that I am no longer angry, no longer hurting, no longer at the bottom of those stairs."

Beverly J.


"I found Michael McManus through Google. I intended to see 2 or 3 therapists to find the right fit. I saw him first and the search was over. I lucked out. He helped me through 2 moves, the death of my mother, dealing with my dad’s Alzheimers and the pandemic. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all this with out his gentle therapeutic style and kind manner. I have wings now but when things get rough I know I can call him."

Margaux Morel


"Having Michael as a therapist has been a great experience. I was once a big doubter in therapy. I thought it was for people who REALLY need help. If you are thinking of therapy at all he is an incredible resource. He is not judge mental. He helped me find out how to help myself. I had an extreme life event happen and he helped me work my way through it and become a better person through the process. I still talk to him when life things happen and I need an opinion that isn’t family or friends. You can trust his advice. He is a great listener and more than well enough qualified to give advice.. more importantly what to ask yourself. When I have life events happen I will keep planning on reaching out."

Zach C.


I am proud to say Mike McManus has helped me in difficult times as well as everyday issues that life brings. Sessions with Mike are informative, insightful and goal oriented. It's easy to refer friends and family to Mike because of his professionalism, wisdom and kind nature.

Ed Berry



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